ISBN 9781904855699
Pages 56
Dimensions 297 x 210 mm
Published 2003
Publisher Forum for Social Studies, Ethiopia
Format Paperback

Some Aspects of Poverty in Ethiopia

Three Selected Papers

edited by Dassalegn Rahmato

The three papers published in this volume were originally presented at the First International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy, convened by the Ethiopian Economic Association in Addis Ababa in 2003. From historical perspectives, the papers consider: poverty and agricultural involution; poverty and urban governance institutions; and HIV/AIDS and poverty.
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About the Editor

Dassalegn Rahmato

Dessalegn Rahmato won the 1999 Prince Claus Award in recognition of significant achievements in the field of research and development. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the Forum for Social Studies, and was formerly its Executive Director. He has published on land and agrarian issues, food security, environmental policy, and poverty in Wollaita. His current research is on civil society and democratisation.

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