ISBN 9789780232191
Pages 308
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2007
Publisher Malthouse Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Conflict Resolution, Identity Crisis, and Development in Africa

edited by Celestine Bassey, Oshita Oshita

Conflict manifestations and the development crisis in Africa are addressed by contributions from sixteen eminent Nigerian scholars and researchers in policy and strategic studies. The volume addresses the ontological linkage between the prevalent crisis of underdevelopment and political instability in the continent, resulting in mass poverty, stagflation, uneven development, alienation, mounting external debts and periodic outbreak of violence and military coup d'etats. There is a thematic overview, a section on identity crisis, and on conflict resolution and development in Africa.

Amongst the issues covered are language, structures of communication, ethnicity, power sharing, culture, epidemiology of convlict and violence in Nigera, political stability, economic development, and a case analysis of the Niger Delta in relation to resources and conflict.

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"Overall, the book is one of a kind written by African authors on Africa’s problems, written with the clarity, depth and insight that could only have come from some of the finest breed of academic craftsmen in the continent. Conflict Resolution, Identity Crisis and Development in Africa is an essential reading for scholars and policy makers concerned with conflict resolution, identity, and development in Africa."

The African Book Publishing Record

About the Editors

Celestine Bassey

Professor Celestine Oyom Bassey is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Calabar, and currently a Sabbatical Fellow and Directing Staff at the African Centre for Strategic Research and Studies, National Defence College, Abuja, Nigeria.

Oshita Oshita

Oshita Oshita is the director of research and policy analysis at the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution at The Presidency in Abuja.

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