ISBN 9789785644098
Pages 384
Dimensions 280 x 216mm
Published 2008
Publisher M & J Grand Orbit Communications, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Topical Issues in Sociolinguistics

edited by Okon Essien, Margaret Okon

This book on language and society focusses on the Nigerian situation comprises 22 chapters with an introduction. The papers are written by all generations of Nigeria linguists with varying experiences regarding the interaction of languages spoken in Nigeria and the Nigerian social context.

The book is divided into five sections: Section 1 contains four papers which address the issues of language use, policy and language development in Nigeria. The five papers in section two examine the critical role of the English language in relation to other languages in Nigeria. Section three contains five papers centred on ethnolinguistics, focussing mainly on language and politeness, verbal taboos, language and gender issues as well as language and attitudinal change. Three papers in section four focus on the sociolinguistics of second language teaching and learning and translation studies. The final section which consists of five chapter discuss the mirco-nationalities and the road of language in integration.

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