ISBN 9781779222022
Pages 344
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2014
Publisher Weaver Press, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

Zimbabwe: Mired in Transition

edited by Eldred V. Masunungure, Jabusile Madyazvimbishi Shumba

Three years after the advent of Zimbabwe's Inclusive Government in February 2009, the country still awaits the elections that people hope will lead to a more enduring political settlement. Zimbabwe: Mired in Transition reviews the experience of recent years assesses the progress that has been made. What is the public mood, and how has it changed? What steps have been taken to reform the media? How important is a new constitution. Although the economy has stabilised to some extent with the adoption of a multi-currency regime, industrial and agricultural production are depressed, and investment inflows are limited; what spaces exist for fiscal reform? Are local authority structures and the state bureaucracy equipped to handle the tasks that will ne asked of them? In terms of two important areas, the book extends its analysis further back than 2009. First, is the issue of emigration. Estimates of the number of Zimbabweans in the diaspora range from three to four million; what impact us this having on national development, and to what extent might the trend of migration be reversed? The second concerns young people, the chapter on which concludes: 'We already have a "lost generation" - those who were once called the "born frees". Unless positive changes are made, we will still have another'. This collection of eleven essays examines in detail some of the pressing questions which Zimbabweans must ask as they chart a way forward.

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About the Editors

Eldred V. Masunungure

Eldred V. Masunungure is a Political Science and Public Administration graduate of the University of Zimbabwe and Dalhousie University (Canada) and teaches Public Policy and Political Theory courses at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels in the Department of Political and Administrative Studies at the University of Zimbabwe. He has published widely, including editing Defying the Winds of Change: Zimbabwe's 2008 Elections (2009) and co-editing Zimbabwe: Mired in Transition (2012). He is the Director of the Harare-based Mass Public Opinion Institute, where he is the Principal Investigator of the Afrobarometer Project.

Jabusile Madyazvimbishi Shumba

Jabusile Madyazvimbishi Shumba joined IDAZIM in 2009 and currently works as Public Policy and Governance Programme Manager. He is a PhD candidate at the University of the Witwatersrand in the field of development studies, where he undertook his MMS in public policy. His experience spans programme management, scenario planning, policy analysis, research and advocacy. Previously at IDAZIM, he worked for four years in charge of advocacy and training targeted at enhancing citizen participation in local governance, building structures for popular participation and making use of multi-stakeholder engagement processes to influence decision-making.

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