ISBN 9789780232672
Pages 234
Published 2010
Publisher Malthouse Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

A Chamba-English Dictionary

by Raymond Boyd, Isa Sa'ad

This work is on a language which is often called "Chamba-Daka" to distinguish it from a very different language, Chamba-Leko. The speakers of these two languages share an ethnic identity. Since the speakers of many dialects of both of these languages identify themselves as members of the Chamba ethnic group, they are referred to here as Chamba Daka and Chamba Leko respectively. The name Chamba Daka does not designate a homogenous linguistic unit, but rather a set of dialects whose exact degree of diversity has not yet been precisely determined in every case. Chambaland straddles the present border between Nigeria and Cameroon. Chamba Leko speakers are restricted to the easternmost part of the central area, for the most part on the Cameroon part of the modern border. The remainder of the Chamba are Daka-speaking. It is this dialect which is the focus of this dictionary.

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About the Authors

Raymond Boyd

Raymond Boyd is a researcher in African Linguistics at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.

Isa Sa'ad

Isa Sa'ad is a secondary school teacher in Ganye, Adamawa State, Nigeria.

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