ISBN 9789982240840
Pages 166
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2012
Publisher Gadsden Publishers, Zambia
Format Paperback

Keeping in Step with Modern Times

A Comprehensive Account of Lexical Adoptives in Icibemba

by Mubanga Kashoki

Prof. Mubanga E. Kashoki deals with a subject that is often neglected in linguistics - lexical borrowings, and how they enrich a language that adopts them. The study is organised into four parts, Introduction; Glossary of Lexical Adoptives in Icibemba; The Sociocultural Context of Lexical Adoptives in Icibemba; and Phonological and Morphological incorporation in processes involved in lexical adoption in Icibemba.

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About the Author

Mubanga Kashoki

Mubanga Kashoki is a scholar of linguistics and Zambian languages, is Professor of African Languages at the Institute of Economic and Social Research, University of Zambia.

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