ISBN 9789970025749
Pages 320
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2006
Publisher Fountain Publishers, Uganda
Format Paperback

Lhukonzo-English/English-Lhukonzo Dictionary

by Balinandi Kambale

Lhukonzo is spoken by a large number of people in Uganda and Congo. This pioneering dictionary is intended for those wishing to learn and use either Lhukonzo or Enlish. It gives the basic vocabulary of words commonly used in speaking or writing about everyday subjects; and most words are therefore of a non-specialist character. It does not contain all possible Lhukonzo words because, for example, there are words use, d in Congo that have a French and other neighbouring local language influence. Words included are classified according to their grammatical classes and the class is shown after each entry. Introductory sections cover verbs, nouns, noun construction and their definitions, irregular classes of nouns and their construction and definitions, and abbreviations used. The author saw no literature in Lhukonzo during his schooling in the Rwenzori Mountains, and this dictionary is an important step in preserving the language.

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About the Author

Balinandi Kambale

Balinandi Kambale is an ordained priest, who has written a concise grammar book in addition to this dictionary.

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