ISBN 9789970024872
Pages 304
Dimensions 254 x 178 mm
Published 2005
Publisher Fountain Publishers, Uganda
Format Paperback

Lwo English Dictionary

by Alexander Odonga

A comprehensive dictionary of Lwo/Acholi, a local language spoken mostly in northern Uganda and southern Sudan. Lwo/Acholi is a language of the southern Luo group and the western Nilotic branch of Eastern Sudanic. All entries in the dictionary are given in the Acholi language with definitions in English, and examples of usage in Acholi with parallel translations in English. The Acholi used is drawn from the dialects that have been least affected by external linguistic influence: the Payira, Patiko, Paico, Bwobo and Alero clans. The introductory section provides an overview of the structure and grammar of the language, covering nouns, verbs, vowels, tenses, singular and plural forms and phonetics.

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About the Author

Alexander Odonga

Alexander Odonga is a member of the department of Lwo Language at Makerere University in Uganda.

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