ISBN 9789780293147
Pages 208
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2002
Publisher Spectrum Books, Nigeria
Format Paperback

A Patriot to the Core

by J.F. Ade.Ajayi

An exposition of the life and career of a slave boy who rose to become the first black Anglican bishop. Bishop Crowther was a committed patriot who argued than an indigenous econmoy must underscore African evangelisation. He also made significant contributions to the study of the Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and Ijo languages; translated the bible into Yoruba; and travelled up the Niger in 1841, writing extensively about the peoples and cultures of the Niger and Benue valleys. This book is not intended to be a definitive biography of Crowther, but nevertheless, embodies the author's thinking about this figure, and several decades research. It brings together lectures and seminar papers, and the author's earlier edition of Crowther's own story, and so probably remains the most important study of the bishop to-date.

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About the Author

J.F. Ade.Ajayi

Author J.F. Ade Ajayi is Emeritus Professor of history at the University of Lagos, a leading Africanist historian, and a recipient of the Nigerian National Merit Award.

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