ISBN 9789964303556
Pages 388
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2007
Publisher Ghana University Press, Ghana
Format Paperback

History of the Gold Coast and Asante

Third Edition

by Carl C. Reindorf

First published in 1889, this history became an out-of-print classic, and is now brought back into print. The work has been used as an authority in the Law Courts of Ghana, where customs and their usages are relevant to interpretation of the law. The author (1834-1917) stated his purpose as the need for such a history by a Ghanaian, conscious of the customs and tradition of the people. He himself, a distinguished medical practitioner, was a key actor in some of the pre-colonial wars. Twenty-nine chapters are arranged chronologically. Chapter 1 covers a short description of the Gold Coast; the Kingdom of Guinea; expeditions sent by Pharaoh Necho and the Carthiginians; F. Romber’s reference to the Kingdom of Benin; traditional accounts of emigration to the coast; tribes assumed to have been the aboriginal races on the coast, and their conquest. The period covers BC600-750 and AD1400-1700. Chapter 29 covers 1851-1856: administration of justice according to English law & its effects; imposition & collection methods of a poll tax, and conspiracy to refuse payment; bombardment of Christiansborg, Labadi and Teshi; peace and the rebuilding of Christiansborg.

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About the Author

Carl C. Reindorf

Carl C. Reindorf was a catechist who worked for a mission and was actively involved in the 1858 war between the Gas and the Krobos, 1866 between the Addahs and the Awunas in 1886, and the Akwamu war in 1869.

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