ISBN 9780620764865
Pages 64
Dimensions 210 x 140mm
Published 2017
Publisher Dryad Press, South Africa
Format Paperback

A Private Audience

by Beverly Rycroft

Book Preview


"In her second volume of poetry; A Private Audience, Beverly Rycroft navigates the 'echoing counterpoint' of womanhood. Painful family relationships, illness and death are some of the themes if this riveting collection written in sparse, electric verses. The 'voracious memory' is haunting in this commendable work."


About the Author

Beverly Rycroft

Beverly Rycroft's debut poetry collection, Missing, won the 2012 Ingrid Jonker award. She was also awarded the Thomas Pringle Prize for best poem in a journal (2013) and won second place in the Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Competition (2011). Her poetry has appeared in most local publications and has been anthologised in school and university textbooks, most recently in the South African Century of South African Poetry (Jonathan Ball, 2018). She has read at a number of South African literary festivals as well as the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival in the United Kingdom. Beverly is a graduate of the University of Cape Town and the University of the Witwatersrand. A qualified teacher, she has taught at schools, in industry, and at a teachers' training college. Rycroft is the author of a novel, A Slim, Green Silence (Umuzi, 2015) and a second poetry collection, A Private Audience (Dryad Press, 2017). 

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