ISBN 9781928215905
Pages 60
Dimensions 198 x 129mm
Published 2022
Publisher Hands-On Books, South Africa
Format Paperback

Obesiance to Frogs

by Robin Winckel-Mellish

An Obeisance to Frogs, is Robin Winckel Mellish's third poetry collection. In these pieces the contrast between the natural worlds of South Africa and Europe are brought into sharp focus, and her eye for detail and emotional connectedness to place and people are especially highlighted. The poems cross thresholds between animals, love and finally The Kaggen cycle, which is rich in mythology both personal and cultural. These poems offer up a precise honouring of the wild, with a deeply felt sense of attachment to a planet in peril.

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About the Author

Robin Winckel-Mellish

Robin Winckel-Mellish lives in the Netherlands and runs a poetry critique group in Amsterdam. Her work has been published in many international literary journals. Her first collection, A Lioness at my Heels, explores living in Europe and being South African.

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