ISBN 9789966882707
Pages 432
Dimensions 203 x 127 mm
Published 2002
Publisher Focus Books, Kenya
Format Paperback

English-Kiswahili Assorted Dictionary

edited by K.W. Wamitila

This concise and portable dictionary, containing some 6000 entries, brings together English terms and vocabularies and their up-to-date Kiswahili equivalents from different semantic fields. It is organised by subject into sections on: human and animal diseases; professions, human character and human relations; foods, nutrition and culinary terms; economics, business, law and politics; science, communication and technology; domestic and wil animals, insects, birds and snakes; parts of the animal and human body; marine life and nautical terms; agricultural and vetinary terms; games, hobbies, leisure and entertainment; and education and the environment. It is aimed primarily at the lay person working with, and in, English and Swahili.
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