ISBN 9781928215707
Pages 74
Dimensions 198 x 129mm
Published 2019
Publisher Modjaji Books, South Africa
Format Paperback

I turned away and she was gone

by Jennie Reznek

Three incarnations of women: a mother, a daughter and an old crone. A haunting of past, present and future selves. Drawing loosely on the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone, this poetic text explores the process of individuation, the inevitability of a young girl’s journey into the shadow and into the unknown, of the bonds that connect mothers and children to each other, of loss and the dense beautiful soaring life that we are all traveling through.

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“Lines so true, I felt I was living them as I read them. In Reznek’s vision, time turns daughter into mother and goddess into crone, each a new country, distant to each other then near again… a master work of drama.”

Gabeba Baderoon

“I turned away and she was gone is by no means easy theatre, but it is rewarding. The delightful humour and the relevance of the production, anchored by the millennia of theatre that have come before it, makes this a play worth seeing.”

Izak de Vries, LitNet

“Stirs the soul… astonishing.”

Cape Times

About the Author

Jennie Reznek

Actress, director and teacher, Jennie Reznek is one of the Artistic Directors of Magnet Theatre in Cape Town along with Mark Fleishman and Mandla Mbothwe. I Turned Away And She Was Gone is her latest solo show and has been nominated for 6 awards. 

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