ISBN 9789785557893
Pages 104
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2018
Publisher Malthouse Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

The Oily Marriage

by Hope Eghagha

The Oily Marriage, Professor Hope Eghagha's third published play, delves into the socio-cultural and political conflicts, conflicting emotions, and dilemma which the discovery and exploitation of crude oil present to the people of the Niger Delta in Nigeria. It functions at the personal level and the level of inter-ethnic relations and how sometimes the solutions to problems become intertwined with and undermined by selfish and personal interests. The image of the exploiter looms large in the play as business and commerce are locked in mortal combat for the soul of the region. How these issues play out in the twenty-first century is the concern of the playwright in this fast-moving drama of ideas.

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About the Author

Hope Eghagha

Hope Eghagha is a professor in English at the University of Lagos where he teaches Literature. He is also a playwright, a columnist with and Visiting Member of the Editorial Board of The Guardian, Lagos. He is the author of Death, Not a Redeemer (a play) (1998), Rhythms of the last testament (2002), and this story must not be told (2003) both poetry collections. Emperors of Salvation is his first published novel. 

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