ISBN 9780992236380
Pages 100
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2017
Publisher African Perspectives, South Africa
Format Paperback

Mama Mudu's Children

A South African post-freedom tragi-comedy

by Masitha Hoeane

The community of Edladleni strives to come to terms with itself in post-freedom South Africa as they swim against the tide of the survival imperative and myriad of thwarted expectations. The journeys of characters embody a tussle with the slide from deprivation” xenophobia, crime, disintegration of the family unit, alienation from self and community, negativity, and self-corroding bitterness. Yet even in the depths of despair redemption remains possible in the resort to Ubuntu-human values, community spirit and environmental activism.

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About the Author

Masitha Hoeane

Masitha Hoeane holds a Master of Arts and Doctoral degrees in Theatre Studies from Leeds University (UK). He also holds an MA in African Literature from the University of Nairobi. A playwright and community theatre specialist, Dr Hoeane has also been a College of Education Principle; Dean of Students (Wits Technikon - UJ); Dean of Students (VUT); former head of UP Arts (UP) and has extensive experiences as lecturer in English and Theatre Studies. 

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