ISBN 9780639918730
Pages 104
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2017
Publisher African Perspectives, South Africa
Format Paperback

Watoto Wamama Mudu

Tamthiliya Tanzia Ramsa kutoka Afrika Kusinibaada ya Uhuru

by Masitha Hoeane

The community of Edladleni strives to come to terms with itself in post-freedom South Africa as they swim against the tide of the survival imperative and myriad of thwarted expectations. The journeys of characters embody a tussle with the slide from deprivation” xenophobia, crime, disintegration of the family unit, alienation from self and community, negativity, and self-corroding bitterness. Yet even in the depths of despair redemption remains possible in the resort to Ubuntu-human values, community spirit and environmental activism.

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About the Author

Masitha Hoeane

Masitha Hoeane holds a Master of Arts and Doctoral degrees in Theatre Studies from Leeds University (UK). He also holds an MA in African Literature from the University of Nairobi. A playwright and community theatre specialist, Dr Hoeane has also been a College of Education Principle; Dean of Students (Wits Technikon - UJ); Dean of Students (VUT); former head of UP Arts (UP) and has extensive experiences as lecturer in English and Theatre Studies. 

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