ISBN 9789966633422
Pages 286
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2021
Publisher Moran Publishers, Kenya
Format Paperback

My Life is but a Weaving

An Autobiography

by Rhoda Nakibuuka Nsibirwa Kalema

An icon of the Uganda women's rights movement, a pioneer social worker and one of the first women parliamentarians, Hon. Rhoda Kalema has lived a remarkable life. Through this uplifting book, Rhoda shares the tumultuous events in her personal life and Uganda's recent history, with humility and humour. Rhoda's personal integrity, her courage, resilience and commitment to human dignity shines through.

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"This book is an important source of information for anyone who wants to understand the role of women in Uganda's politics."
Aili Mari Tripp, University of Wisconsin-Madison

About the Author

Rhoda Nakibuuka Nsibirwa Kalema

Rhoda Nakibuuka Nsibirwa Kalema (born May 1929) is a retired Ugandan female politician known as the country's "Mother of Parliament". She became Deputy Minister of Public Service from 1989 until 1991 under President Yoweri Museveni. Rhoda Kalema was honoured in 1996 by Uganda's Forum for Women in Democracy "as a transformative leader".

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