ISBN 9789956763085
Pages 118
Dimensions 216 x 140mm
Published 2016
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Diary of a Dismissed Delegate

Public Good at the Mercy of Bureaucracy and Sycophancy in Cameroon

by Mwalimu George Ngwane

Diary of a Dismissed Delegate is the personal story of the trials and travails of George Ngwane as a civil servant in Cameroon. With documented evidence in support, the book delves into the destructive machinations of the bureaucracy and sycophancy at the heart of the Cameroonian public service, and its detrimental effects on meritocracy and the public good. It is a system where the personalisation of power devalues virtue, devotion and dedication to truth and the call of justice. For a country that has the ambition to recapture her lost middle income status, one that boasts of a huge critical mass of human capital, and that has all the potentials of a double digit economic development, political patronage and intolerance to creative freedom must be anathema.

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“This diary succinctly unveils the inner workings of a system that thrives on political patronage wherein clientelism supersedes merit, and where the quest, conquest and consolidation of political power by all means relegate hard work, steadfastness and truth to the background.”

Tehwui Lambiv, Senior Journalist, CRTV, and Lecturer, Advanced School of Mass Communication, University of Yaounde II

“In his characteristic style, George Ngwane paints mind-searching narratives where patriotism and pretence are at daggers drawn; and where inspiration and greedy ambitions clash. This beautifully crafted book is a document for every good coach and mentor of exemplary patriotism.”

Professor Willibroad Dze-Ngwa, Historian and Political Scientist, University of Yaounde I

“A compelling narrative. The Mwalimu George Ngwane we know will never be gagged by intimidation or the comfort zone of political appointment!”

Vincent Anu, Coordinator Nkong Hill Top Association for Development (NADEV) Cameroon

About the Author

Mwalimu George Ngwane

Mwalimu George Ngwane is author of seven books and feature essayist in national and international newspapers, Chairman of the National Book Development Council- Cameroon, Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the African Book Publishing Record- Columbia, U.S.A. Recipient, Scholar at Risk Fund Fellowship in 2004 (U.S.A), Executive Director of the pan African Association AFRICAphonie. His personal blog is He lives in Cameroon.

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