ISBN 9789976102079
Pages 300
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Published 2006
Publisher Tanzania Publishing House, Tanzania
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Perspectives on Africa's Integration and Cooperation from OAU to AU?

Old Wine in a New Bottle?

by Joram Mukama Biswaro

The Organisation of African Unity (OAU) was founded in 1963 to provide an integrated, united base on which Africa’s full development, political and economic freedom could be realised. In 2002 it became the African Union (AU), and its purpose of deepening African integration was reaffirmed.

This study considers the extent to which the organisation has changed in more ways than name. It shows how the objectives of the AU are distinctive, and reflect the material conditions of Africa in the 21st century. It argues that the aspirations of the AU are for it to become a large market of free democratic States, with the rule of law, and a strong private sector. It advocates greater participation of women in decision-making, popularisation of the Union, and greater financial transparency, financial and otherwise, of the Commission.

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About the Author

Joram Mukama Biswaro

Joram Mukama Biswaro is a diplomat, journalist and expert in international relations and development.

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