ISBN 9781920118143
Pages 112
Dimensions 280 x 210 mm
Published 2006
Publisher Idasa, South Africa
Format Paperback

Perspectives on African Governance

edited by Lindlyn Chiwandamira, Monica Makaula

This overview publication on governance in Africa is the outcome of the collaborative Centre for Governance in Africa, a partnership between IDASA and the Norwegian Fredskorpset (Volunteer Service). Together, the two organisations facilitate an exchange programme for researchers in Africa, and expose professionals working in governance to political processes in different countries on the continent. They are developing a collaboration framework for African-based democracy and governance centres.

For the purposes of the study, African scholars visited research institutes in different parts of the continent, and wrote reports. Countries included in the study are: Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and South Africa.

Contents: understanding armed conflict and peace-building in Africa; regional integration in Africa – implications for parliamentary practices and procedures; relations between the East African Legislative Assembly, and the pan-African parliament; the referendum process in Uganda; the state of governance in Ghana; media and civil society – a catalyst for change in Malawi; democracy and good governance in Lesotho; political integration in the SADC region: harmonization of legislative bodies through electoral system reforms.

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About the Editors

Lindlyn Chiwandamira

Lindyn Chiwandamira is Manager, Centre for Governance in Africa at IDASA.

Monica Makaula

Monica Makaula is a researcher at the Centre for Governance in Africa at IDASA.

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