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Published 2006
Publisher Kachere Series, Malawi
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The Church History of Providence Industrial Mission

by Patrick Makondesa

The Providence Industrial Mission was founded in 1900 by Rev. John Chilembwe. Chilembwe’s life and ideas were much influenced by Joseph Booth, one of the most important missionaries and social activists in colonial Malawi. Chilembwe emerged as a harbinger of political independence for Malawi, and the heir of Joseph Booth’s ‘Africa for the African’ vision. However, Chilembwe developed and transformed Booth’s ideas, reaching the conclusion that armed revolt against colonial rule would be necessary. An activist, he was shot and killed. Many of his followers were executed; and his Church were blown up by the British government in 1915.

This study explores the historical realities of the religious and political activities of John Chilembwe and the Providence Industrial Mission (PIM). It covers the early period of the mission; the approach to conversion and expansion; membership of the PIM church; PIM’s Ministry of Justice; the ‘dark period’ of the PIM Ministry – post 1915; and the mission’s legacy for national liberation discourses.

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About the Author

Patrick Makondesa

Patrick Makondesa is a theologian and teacher, working in Malawi.

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