ISBN 9789783677814
Pages 660
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2004
Publisher The Book Company, Nigeria
Format Paperback

A Cultural History of Uneme

From the Earliest Times to 1962

by Hakeem B. Harunah

A Cultural History of the Uneme from the Earliest Times to 1962 provides a comprehensive insight into the historical and cultural past of the Uneme from the pre-colonial period to 1962. It focuses on the evolution and development of the Uneme indigenous culture.

The book emphasises the significant part which the Uneme's possession and utilisation of iron technology played in bringing to the community, enormous pride, prestige, admiration and respectability from their neighbours. It also indicates how certain forces of imperialism and colonialism, particularly those associated with the establishment of British rule and the spread of European brands of iron technologies, adversely impacted on the Uneme, and led to the collapse of their iron technology, reinforcing the assertion that European's colonial contacts with Africa caused a major disruption, dislocation and emasculation of African indigenous technological efforts, skills and creativity.

The publication is an authoritative reference text to students of history, archaelogy, anthropology, sociology, African studies, political science, administration, cultural studies as well as professional historians, administrators, archivists, researchers and the general reader.

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About the Author

Hakeem B. Harunah

Dr Hakeem B. Harunah hails from Auchi in the Etsako area of Edo State of Nigeria. A specialist in African cultural history, oral traditions, and biographical studies, he teaches History at the University of Lagos, Nigeria, where he had served as Acting Head of Department of History.

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