ISBN 9781928476344
Pages 156
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Published 2021
Publisher Deep South, South Africa
Format Paperback

after troy

by Taban Lo Liyong

after troy, Taban lo Liyong's booklength poem, is an expansive and engaging elaboration of two classical Greek texts, Homer's Odyssey and Aeschylus's Oresteia. Its focus is the homecoming from the Trojan war of two hero-kings, Odysseus and Agamemnon. Lo Liyong recreates their thoughts and speech, adding dialogue from other characters, most of them women, who are not given a voice in the original stories. after troy is also a philosophical enquiry into retribution and justice.

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About the Author

Taban Lo Liyong

Taban lo Liyong (born 1939) is a South Sudanese/Ugandan writer, author of over twenty books spanning poetry, plays, stories, essays, children's books, literary criticism and folktales. His work bristles with satire, roguish comedy and a spirit of defiance. He has taught in universities in Africa, Asia, North America, and Europe, and is currently a professor at the University of Juba, South Sudan.

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