ISBN 9780639810829
Pages 68
Dimensions 203 x 133mm
Published 2019
Publisher uHlanga, South Africa
Format Paperback

Everything Is A Deathly Flower

by Maneo Mohale

dear reader,
are you still there?
take a second, now.
breathe //
with me.


In one of the most anticipated debut collections of recent years, Maneo Mohale reckons boldly with the experience of – and the reconstruction of a life after – a sexual assault.

Mohale’s unapologetic and disarming voice carries through a budding and blooming  garden of poetics, rooted in a contemporary southern African tradition, but springing forth in queer and radical new directions. Indeed, this is a work encompassing the full, often contradictory, and seldom complete process of healing: where relations must be chosen as well as made; where time becomes non-linear and language insufficient; where nothing is what it seems, yet everything is what it is.

In 2001 Everything Is A Deathly Flower was awarded the The Luschei Prize for African Poetry.

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About the Author

Maneo Mohale

MANEO MOHALE was born in 1992 in Benoni. Her work has appeared in Jalada, Prufrock, the New York Times, the Mail & Guardian, spectrum. za, and others. She is a 2016 Bitch Media Global Feminism Fellow, and has been longlisted twice for the Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award. After living in Canada for five years, she now lives in Johannesburg, where she works as an editor and writer. 

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