ISBN 9780639973029
Pages 78
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Published 2019
Publisher Bhiyoza Publishers , South Africa
Format Paperback

Amandla Embongi

by Menzi Thango

The poet is an eloquent speaker. The poet uses a figurative language, poetic language and literary techniques. For example, you find a king called a bull, calf, heifer, buffalo, beast, lion etc. The poet is a brave man, wherein in the ancient times he was a man who did not look aside when the king went astray but rebuked him. Likewise, when a king did well, the poet praised and praised everything that had happened. Kings loved poets because of their courage. Hence the author of this book titled his book ‘Amandla Embongi’, which is translated as ‘the power of the poet’. The poems found in this book are modern poems which speak to the present time. The poet uses a poetic language to rebuke the society. (Title is in isiZulu)

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About the Author

Menzi Thango

Menzi Thango is a writer and author of isiZulu poetry 

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