ISBN 9789954885109
Pages 368
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2010
Publisher Editions du Sirocco, Morocco
Format Paperback

Contes and Legendes populaires du Maroc

by Doctoresse Legey

"I collected all these tales in Marrakesh. More fortunate than many folklorists who had to ask intermediaries, I collected them directly in the main harems of Marrakesh, on Jâma ‘el-Fna square, with public storytellers or at my surgery, where Si El Hasan or Lalla ‘Abbouch came to sit and talk. I transcribed these tales in French, as soon as they were told to me and then, to be absolutely sure not to have misinterpreted, nor forgotten any particular expression, I would tell them myself in Arabic to my storytellers. So I can assert that the version I give is as closely related as possible to the tale I heard." - D. LÉGEY

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About the Author

Doctoresse Legey

Mrs. Légey, doctor in Morocco from 1910 and for more than 25 years, there nursed thousands of people and contributed to the creation of  dispensaries and maternity hospitals in several towns in the country. By collecting tales and legends, from the most authentic sources, translating and publishing them, she opens French-speakers to the imaginary of a nation. Defining herself as an "Apprentice folklorist", Mrs. Légey also contributes to the preservation of a rich patrimony.

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