ISBN 9789780295042
Pages 184
Dimensions 203 x 127 mm
Illustrations B/W Illustrations
Published 2004
Publisher Spectrum Books, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Drumbeats of Black Africa

A Collection of African Proverbs

edited by O. Charles Okwelume

In Africa, someone with great wisdom and knowledge of tradition is identified by his ability to intersperse speech with congruous proverbs. The importance and beauty of proverbs lie in the hidden essence of a language or a culture which they convey. But the proverbs are gradually becoming forgotten, and there is a paucity of written cultural sources. This collection attempts to redress this state of affairs, strengthen traditional communication, thus enhancing cultural development. Some 2,000 proverbs are included originating in various African cultures, organised alphabetically.
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About the Editor

O. Charles Okwelume

O. Charles Okwelume is a scholar of culture and communications, and a published playwright.

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