ISBN 9781928433132
Pages 108
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Published 2020
Publisher Hands-On Books, South Africa
Format Paperback

Cosmonauts do it in Heaven

by Keith Gottschalk

Keith Gottschalk is one of very few English language poets after Walt Whitman to compose poems celebrating engineers, inventions, and scientists. With wit and paradox, these poems explore our solar system, and celebrate astronomers and spaceflight.

This collection opens with an imaginary trip through time from Copernicus to Einstein - those who literally made space as we conceptualise it today. It closes with an imaginary trip through our solar system.

In between, we find moving elegies to astronauts who lost their lives, and celebrations of a glittering international constellation of engineers, inventors, mathematicians, and researchers. Irony, allusions, double-entendres, and wonderment are always looking over the reader's shoulder. Many of these poems, composed over thirty-four years, have already been individually published to acclaim in literary and other magazines.

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About the Author

Keith Gottschalk

Keith Gottschalk published his collection of prison & other protest poems, Emergency Poems, in 1992. He served on the executive of the Congress of South Africa Writers, COSAW, in the 1980s, and today hosts the Lansdowne Local Writers' Group. He has performed and published over 160 poems, the latter in many magazines. A Fulbright scholar, Keith lectures in Political Studies at the University of the Western Cape.

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