ISBN 9789956764075
Pages 94
Dimensions 203 x 127
Published 2017
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Echoes of a Whisper

by Lughano Mwangwegho

Lughano Mwangwegho’s Echoes of a Whisper is an imaginative array of poetic verse steeped in Africa and tackling the fraught space of being betwixt and between, within and without, memory and the present. Love runs avidly as a theme throughout and imagery thereof is at once beautiful and absurd, adding further to a sense of suspension, a sense of unease. Mwangwegho’s poetry is edgy: its colour is that of tension. Yet, in such a way it speaks to both mind and soul - in places it provokes both physical and emotional reaction from the reader and the empowerment it transfers is uncanny. As his second collection of poetry, Malawian poet and short story writer Lughano Mwangwegho once again offers here writing rich in anguish and loveliness.

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About the Author

Lughano Mwangwegho

Lughano Mwangwegho is second born to the inventor of Mwangwego script (a system of writing bantu languages using symbols). He enjoys reading, performing and writing. In 1997 his poems appeared in Moni magazine and since then he has had poetry and short stories published in weekly papers and magazines. In 2011 his play, Stains of Decay won the best script award at the ATEM (Association for the teaching of English in Malawi) competition. He holds D.A.L.F (Diplome Approfondi de la langue francaise) which allows him to teach and examine French oral/aural examinations in Malawi.

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