ISBN 9789994450572
Pages 110
Dimensions 244 x 170 mm
Published 2016
Publisher Forum for Social Studies, Ethiopia
Format Paperback

Ethiopian Labour Migration to the Gulf and South Africa

edited by Asnake Kefale, Zerihun Mohammed

The major objective of the research is to produce evidence-based knowledge on the social and economic impacts of labour migration by looking at the challenges and opportunities of Ethiopian labour migration to the Gulf and South Africa. On the one hand, international migration from Ethiopia could be considered as an aspect of development problem. The major push factors that forces Ethiopian migrants to the Gulf and South Africa are economic/developmental problems ranging from lack of employment opportunities to wage differentials. On the other hand, international migration could be considered as an important resource that could be tapped for accelerating socio-economic development. At the general level, this research aims to examine the successes and failures of policies and institutions in realising the potentials of international migration for socio-economic development of the country and minimizing its adverse impacts. At the same time, the growing problem of illegal migration will be examined.

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About the Editor

Asnake Kefale

Asnake Kefale has a long teaching experience at Addis Ababa University. His teaching and research interests include: governance, conflict studies, development policies and foreign relations in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa sub-region region.

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