ISBN 9789988550844
Pages 28
Dimensions 150 x 100mm
Illustrations Colour Illustrations
Published 2003
Publisher Sub-Saharan Publishers, Ghana
Format Paperback

Fati and the Old Man

by Osu Library Fund

Who is chasing Fati? This time round little Fati is in trouble with an old man she caught stealing pito. The old man says he did not take the pito but Fati DID see him take pito that was not his…! Who is speaking the truth? Find out in this new Fati episode.

Fati and the Old Man is sequel to the first book Fati and the Honey Tree and is based on the real life adventures of a young girl growing up in northern Ghana. It has been adapted for print by the Osu Library Fund, an organisation which promotes literacy in Ghana.

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