ISBN 9789914987508
Pages 70
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Illustrations Colour Illustrations
Published 2021
Publisher Vita Books, Kenya
Format Paperback

Escape from Moneyville

by Shiraz Durrani

It was a cold, dark night. Everything was quiet. A Mawingo bus was travelling from Nairobi to Mombasa. It had big signs painted on the outside: Danger- man. It had travelled over two hundred kilometres and was approaching Mtito Andei. Everybody in the bus was fast asleep. Everyone, that is, except four people

So begins an adventure for four Kenyan youths, two boys and two girls, that explores the depth of deprivation and disaster that capitalism has been for working people in Kenya. Tricked into becoming forced workers for a factory with owners from USA, Britain and Japan, the youth live the harsh life of exploited workers. However, their sense of justice soon turns them into rebels seeking life and freedom. The story takes them through life-threatening adventures, fighting the armed forces summoned by the factory owners. Will they manage to survive the brutal attacks by fierce dogs and armed militia? Will they live to see the sea at Mombasa they had set out for?

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About the Author

Shiraz Durrani

Shiraz Durrani is a British-Kenyan library science professional noted for his writings on the social and political dimensions of information and librarianship. His widely held Information and liberation writings on the politics of information and librarianship draws on his experiences in librarianship from Mau Mau period Kenya to modern-day UK 

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