ISBN 9789966362360
ePub ISBN 9789966316806
Pages 212
Dimensions 178mm x 127mm
Published 2012
Publisher Longhorn Publishers, Kenya
Formats Paperback, eBook

The Devil's Hill

by Ngumi Kibera

Dani is gifted in all ways, yet he lives under the shadow of his hero, an old friend and a school dropout. The day he discovers a heap of money and a gun under a trap door in his friend's house, he realised his friend was no longer a mere bully but a member of a dangerous gang wanted for various crimes ranging from smuggling diamonds, carjacking to murder. This becomes the beginning of a nightmare that nearly costs Dani his life as well as that of another of his friends, Zack.

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About the Author

Ngumi Kibera

Ngumi Kibera has authored over fifteen titles ranging from children’s stories to adult fiction. His short story anthology, The Grapevine Stories, won the Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature.

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