ISBN 9789988550363
Pages 24
Dimensions 265 x 280mm
Illustrations Colour Illustrations
Published 2018
Publisher Sub-Saharan Publishers, Ghana
Format Hardback

The Phone Call

by Kofi Anyidoho

God is perhaps just a phone call away! Before the invention of the telephone, talking to people in faraway places was difficult. Now, we can talk to our friends and family from wherever we are. What would you do if you received a phone call from God? That's the situation the child in this story finds her/himself in one day. The idea of God being just a phone call away is what makes this story so exciting.

Kofi Anyidoho uses the magic of the telephone to give us a story about a child's curious but lively chatter with God. And the beautiful illustrations by Sela Adjei help to make the story delightful and unforgettable. This book is perhaps most suitable for 7-9 year-olds, but older children and even teenagers and adults will also enjoy reading it because the story reminds us of unanswered questions of our childhood some of which remain with us for the rest of our life. Anyidoho himself once reminded us that "There is a Child in Every Adult and an Adult in Every Child". With The Phone Call, Kofi Anyidoho, the well-known poet and author of Akpokplo (a play for children written in Ewe and in English), has made a significant contribution to literature for children in Ghana and Africa.

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About the Author

Kofi Anyidoho

For the distinguished Ghanaian poet, scholar and educator, Kofi Anyidoho, 'poetry is no longer a textual art bound to the written/printed page. It is fully liberated from the distancing effect of print technology.' His direct involvement with the production of poetry as 'full drama' began when the Ghana National Commission on Children, chaired by the well-known dramatist Efua Sutherland, invited me to plan and direct an appropriate literary- dramatic program for children from selected schools in Accra as part of a flag-raising ceremony at the O.A.U Monument in 1984 to mark O.A.U. Day in the Ghanaian capital. From then on, Anyidoho has gone on to produce and perfect a performance mode that is returning written African poetry to its dramatic oral roots.

Kofi Anyidoho has written and performed an impressive number of poems. In addition, he has published extensively on issues related to recent critical debate on African Literature. He teaches at the University of Ghana, Legon.

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