ISBN 9789966312518
ePub ISBN 9789966316813
Pages 154
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2014
Publisher Longhorn Publishers, Kenya
Formats Paperback, eBook

Was Nyakeeru My Father

by Elizabeth Kabui

Eavesdropping on his parents, James Kirika, a fifteen-year-old teenager, hears a conversation that suggests that he is not the biological son of the man he calls 'Father'. This realisation sends him into a tortured search for the man who brought him into this world. Things get complicated when the chief source of information, his old and hallucinating grandmother, gives him a fuzzy lead. Does he ever find out the truth?

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About the Author

Elizabeth Kabui

Elizabeth Kabui has written books for children and young adults. Her book, The Prize, won the Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature in the children’s book category in 2009.

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