ISBN 9781776376827
Pages 186
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Published 2021
Publisher African Perspectives, South Africa
Format Paperback


by Charlotte Hill O'Neal

It’s not everyday that we are blessed with a poetry compilation that encapsulates 13 years of work from an accomplished African activist elder. As the title suggests, Homage publicly gives honor and shows respect and admiration for a host of souls who have impacted the author Charlotte Hill O’Neal or Mama C as she is affectionately known by many. In this collection of poems and writings, Hill O’Neal pays tribute to her parents, aunties, iconic historic figures such as Lil Bobby Hutton and others. She also gives insight into her world travels, such as her time spent in China, and writes about her life in Tanzania as a U.S. transplant. O’Neal sprinkles words from other languages throughout this book including Yoruba, KiSwahili and more which adds to the journey.

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"Homage is an epic poetic journey that honors our ancestors and “charges our batteries” as we continue in the fight for true liberation." 

Glenn North, Executive Director of the Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center

About the Author

Charlotte Hill O'Neal

CHARLOTTE HILL O’NEAL aka Mama C aka Iya Osotunde Fasuyi is an internationally known visual artist, musician, performance artist, ATR priestess, film maker, poet/writer of more than three decades experience. She was born in Kansas City, KS in 1951 and has lived in Tanzania with her husband Pete O’Neal, founder and former Chairman of the Kansas City Chapter of the Black Panther Party and co-founder of the UNITED AFRICAN ALLIANCE COMMUNITY CENTER UAACC and the Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home, since 1972.

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