ISBN 9789988851095
Pages 134
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2015
Publisher Woeli Publishing Services, Ghana
Format Paperback

Journey Without End and other Poems

by Lade Wosornu

The poems in this book are, thematically, grouped into five sets. The first set of three poems, labelled "Libation," are basically a prayer and they set the stage for what follows. The poems in Part 2, subtitled "On Wings of Song (The Muse and I)," are mostly love poems which express sentiments with which many readers will be able to identify. The subtitle of the poems in Part 3 is "Home Affairs." These poems describe the anxieties, the hopes and the fears that many of us have experienced at various times in our lives. These normal human experiences are expressed so vividly and with such poignancy that the reader is left feeling that the poet has indeed spoken for him. Part 4, "Embers and Rubies of Life," contains the largest number of poems, and they are mostly philosophical reflections on the meaning and significance of life's experiences. The last set of poems in Part 5, "Transformations," contains the poem that gives the title to the book.

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