ISBN 9780620733229
Pages 76
Dimensions 203 x 133
Published 2016
Publisher uHlanga, South Africa
Format Paperback

Modern Rasputin

by Rosa Lyster

Eclectic, eccentric and eloquent, Modern Rasputin establishes Rosa Lyster as one of South Africa's most exciting young writers. Diving into a (not entirely made-up) world of precocious children, minor royalty, Russian prisons, and electrocuting water faucets, Lyster's debut is a testament to the wild machinations of imagination and the soft poignancies of friendship, and provides one of the most unpredictable and cosmopolitan collections from South Africa in years.

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About the Author

Rosa Lyster

Rosa Lyster was born in Durban in 1984. Her writing has been published by the New Yorker, Prufrock, The Millions, The Hairpin, The Toast, the Sunday Times, and many others. Rosa lives in Cape Town, where she works as an essayist and a PhD student at the University of Cape Town. 

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