ISBN 9781928476405
Pages 62
Dimensions 198 x 129mm
Published 2021
Publisher Deep South, South Africa
Format Paperback

otherwise you well?

by Richard Fox

otherwise you well? a gathering of Fox's poems written over the last ten years, confronts the way predatory capitalism and its pervasive digital culture is cauterising humanity and nature. With taut momentum and often fierce humour, these poems track the 21st  century predicament with graphic austerity. In between, in a gentler style, are lyric poems of painful insight. And in between those, a hectically South African road trip. 

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About the Author

Richard Fox

Richard Fox was born in Cape Town in 1975. He lives in Johannesburg and runs the T-shirt company, Tshirt Terrorist. otherwise you well? is his second book of poems, following 876, published in 2007.

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