ISBN 9780993578182
Pages 280
Dimensions 210 x 140mm
Published 2020
Publisher Alpha Crownes Publishing, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Pègúnrun Ikúdętì Kútelù Òsun

by Ahmed Yerima

The plays explore the idea of tragedy from Yoruba cultural performance; the people's beliefs about human fate and their faith in the gods. This collection of the Ifè Quartet of plays - Pègúnrun (The Cactus), Ikúdętì (Cannot be Trapped by Death), Kútelù (nickname for hunchback or deformed people) and Òsun (River Goddess) - provide insight into the rich ambience of mythological, artistic and performance heritage that nuture the dramatic oeuvre of frontline African literary dramatists.

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About the Author

Ahmed Yerima

Ahmed Yerima is a dramatist and theatre director, and formerly artistic director of the National Troupe of Nigeria. Yerima is Professor of Theatre and Cultural Studies at Redeemers University, Nigeria. 

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