ISBN 9789988550387
Pages 116
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2002
Publisher Sub-Saharan Publishers, Ghana
Format Paperback

Peoples Differ

An Approach to Inculturation in Evangelisation

by Peter K. Sarpong

This book shows how by a process of inculturation, the evangeliser can present the gospel to people of different cultures in a way which enriches their own cultures rather than alienating them from these cultural contexts. It details African conceptions of the human person and community drawing from the Akan people of Ghana and the Yoruba of Nigeria, and traditional African religions as background for evangelisation in Africa. It explains how inculturation cannot go against the teachings of the church, but seeks to utilise certain traditional and cultural elements to promote a better understanding of the Christian message and life. The author further argues that knowledge of sociology and anthropology aids an evangeliser in understanding the context of his mission. The author is the Catholic Archbishop of Kumasi, a sociologist and anthropologist.

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