ISBN 9789783612235
Pages 100
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2004
Publisher Onyoma Research Publications, Nigeria
Format Paperback

The Development of Izon Language

Instrument for Educational Advancement in the Niger Delta

edited by Martha I. Akpana

A collection of six essays pertaining to the language situation in the Niger Delta region, and in particular, to the language of the Izon people. The Izon live widely dispersed along the Nigeria coastline and amongst the creeks and rivers of the Niger Delta, and their language is thought to be one of the oldest of the region. Angles addressed in this study include: language as a tool for self- development and cultural advancement; language planning for education and development; and the potentials for the study of Izon. A final chapter considers the state of publishing in Nigerian languages. Some of the contributors are the Professors Ebiegberi Joe Alagoa, Kay Williamson, and John Cecil Buseri.

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