ISBN 9789956616480
Pages 68
Dimensions 203 x 127 mm
Published 2010
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

The Earth Mother

by Kehbuma Langmia

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“The fight against evil remains at the core of this play, pitting Kamsi and her supporters against a few daring councilors. Skilfully scripted by a renowned actor and playwright, this drama exposes the alliances and explosive tensions in Nyong village overwhelmed by unseen but supposedly harmful forces. Spiced with witty proverbs and humour, The Earth Mother will not fail to thrill its readers.” 

Jude Fokwang, Social Anthropologist, University of Toronto, Canada

The Earth Mother pulsates with the rhythm and verve of the actor-playwright, Langmia, but what drives this play is the quest for truth and justice… and the abounding potential of a people to direct their own destiny…” 

Dr Joyce Ashuntantang, Hillyer College, University of Hartford, USA

“We can only reminisce in this beautiful drama, and hope that while the audience enjoys itself, it is called to sympathize and take a peek at the turbulence that once rocked the peaceful life of a strong traditional society.”

Lillian Fomunung, University of Tennessee, USA

“I love stories that are left with a cliffhanger and this one certainly hits the marker. The Earth Mother is definitely a play I would perform as a first debut actor. This story will not only leave you knocking your socks off and clinging onto your seat, but also would leave you thinking ‘what will come next?’”

Ambrosia Kweh-Mondoa, M Ed Educational Psychologist, Delaware, USA

About the Author

Kehbuma Langmia

Kehbuma Langmia is the author of three plays: Titabet and the TakumbengEvil Meal of Evil and The Earth MotherParadise of Love and Pain is his first novel. He holds a PhD in Media Communications from Howard University and a winner of several awards for his scholarly publications. Learn more about his work here:

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