ISBN 9789966055392
Pages 66
Dimensions 203 x 127mm
Published 2013
Publisher Bookmark Africa, Kenya
Format Paperback

The Green Cross of Kafira

by Francis D. Imbuga

In his last play published posthumously the late Francis Imbuga presents the dramatic dialogue of his characters as mind games. In addition to using a narrator, Sikia Macho, to fill us in on the broken politics of Kafira, centring around detention without trial, Imbuga deliberately delays the inciting action, the formation of the Green Party of Kafira which then challenges the hitherto political monolith called the National Party. The candidate of the new party, former detainee Pastor Mgei, wins the election, and thereby dethrones the so-called Chief of Chiefs. In The Green Cross of Kafira, Imbuga, with a renewed sense of urgency, addresses the theme of dictatorship in Africa, and completes his trilogy of the Kafira plays which begins with Betrayal in the city followed by Man of Kafira.

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"Slightly more than a year since he took his final bow, Francis Imbuga has breached the confines of the hereafter, on a successful mission to sneak us yet another powerful play on dictatorship and bad governance."

About the Author

Francis D. Imbuga

Born in 1947 – a decade after literary pioneers such as Grace Ogot, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Okot p’Bitek and Taban lo Liyong – Imbuga was a leading member of what might be termed a “second generation” of East African writers. He came of age at a time when East African literature was forging a tentative early identity, and he participated in the exciting and innovative process of developing and extending that identity. Although he is most widely known for his work as a playwright and actor, Imbuga’s prodigious creative energies also encompassed other genres such as poetry, narrative, television and film, in addition to his work as a teacher, scholar, and university administrator. He was recipient of the Kenya National Academy of Sciences Distinguished Professional Award in Play Writing.

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