ISBN 9780620735070
Pages 66
Dimensions 203 x 133
Published 2017
Publisher uHlanga, South Africa
Format Paperback


by Francine Simon

With expert, elegant and economical verse, Francine Simon’s debut collection blends ancestral Catholic mysticism and ancient folk Hinduism to create new and essential portraits of modern South African-Indian identity and womanhood. Unflinching and meditative, Thungachi tracks the journeys, migrations and maturations of peoples, families and the self, all while deftly innovating with form, language and style – ultimately marking Simon out as one of South Africa’s most unexpectedly excellent poetic débutantes.

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"An ambitious and sophisticated collection that blends formal invention with deeply felt experience."

Kobus Moolman

About the Author

Francine Simon

Francine Simon was born in Durban to Indian Catholic parents. She holds a doctorate in English Studies. Her poems have appeared widely in international and South African literary journals and magazines, including Poetry and Prufrock. She received the 2016 Dalro poetry award for her poem 'Nanni-ma'. Her debut collection, Thungachi, was published in 2017 by uHlanga. She lives in Bolzano, Italy. 

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