ISBN 9781990992285
Pages 92
Dimensions 210 x 140mm
Published 2021
Publisher Dryad Press, South Africa
Format Paperback

Transcontinental Delay

by Simon van Schalkwyk

In Transcontinental Delay, Simon Van Schalkwyk tracks experiences of imminent arrival and departure, periods of waiting and suspension between destinations, points where the demands of place dissolve into the more anticipatory potentialities of space. Drawing on geographical lexicons familiar to South African localities such as Cape Town and Johannesburg, the collection also captures fleeting encounters with global spaces as far afield as the United Kingdom, Argentina and Sweden. Considering the world from a position of "transcendental homelessness" rather than more conventional expressions of estrangement, alienation, or exile, the poems collected in Transcontinental Delay are attentive to a fundamental sense of unbelonging, registering the moods, tones and attitudes of the visitor and stranger: figures of restlessness and, at times, obscurity, at odds with both the settlements of "home" and the transitory compulsions of travel.

Read an interview with Simon Van Schalkwyk about his poetry here.

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"Simon van Schalkwyk's poetry pulls the world into uncommon focus. He is a poet of place and occasion, using telling precision of words, and the upending image. Not only is this a startling debut of maturity and accomplishment, but among its poems are those which, from the outset, will enter the literature."

P. R. Anderson

About the Author

Simon van Schalkwyk

Simon van Schalkwyk is a lecturer in the Department of English Studies at Wits University and is the academic editor for The Johannesburg Review of Books. He is a recipient of The Philip Stein Award for Poetry and also of the Mamphela Ramphele scholarship. He has BA Hons and PhD degrees in English literature from the University of Cape Town and went on to obtain a Masters of Art in Modern and Contemporary Poetry from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. He has been an active presence in South Africa's literary scene - contributing occasional essays, critical reviews of novels and poetry to Aerodrome, The Conversation and The Johannesburg Review of Books, and conducting interviews for The Johannesburg Review of Books with writers and scholars. His poetry has appeared in New Contrast: The South African Literary Journal, The Johannesburg Review of Books and Imago. Transcontinental Delay is his debut poetry collection.

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