ISBN 9789956552344
Pages 254
Dimensions 216 x 216mm
Published 2022
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Unbreakable Chains

by Shaanchuong mu-Fohnpah

The idea of absolute freedom warrants the freedom to define freedom; so long as one's freedom is predefined, they can never claim to be free. Yet, the previous sentence already confines absolute freedom to a certain meaning. Freedom is an ideal, we are all captives going from one prison cell to another. Mercy Lewis, a descendant of enslaved free men and free women is nothing else but a slave to her African heritage, her past, and all the stereotypes associated with her personality. We all are Mercys to a certain extent.

Book Preview


“Unbreakable Chains is a roaringly provocative tale on how contemporary identities hybridize even if only to de-hybridize and re-hybridize. The narrator’s scientificized diction chains us to the tale’s numerous journeys and sojourns of discovery and rediscovery forcing us to partake in character’s attempts at suturing themselves and others.”

Yosimbom Hassan Mbiydzenyui, PhD.

“In a world fraught with divisiveness at the root of which are insignificant factors, Unbreakable Chains challenges the reader to undertake a journey of redefinition, self-discovery, rediscovery, and critical inquiry. And it further implores humanity to take cognizance of its oneness, for what appears to be is not always what is. As if to spell out that at the origin of everything visible is some invisible and invincible force, the blond blue-eyed Paul Peyton happens to be black; the writer’s way of challenging humanity that mostly sees differences while failing to appreciate its connectedness. This journey takes the reader to the Latin root of literature viz. Placere, Doucere, Movere; i.e. to please, to teach, to move. Unbreakable Chains takes the reader on a pleasure, teaching, and emotional trip from which the reader emerges refreshed and renewed.”

Bill F. Ndi, PhD.

About the Author

Shaanchuong mu-Fohnpah

Shaanchuong mu-Fohnpah is a Bantu-American author from Cameroon, presently working as an Engineer and finishing a second MSc. in Engineering. He designs his stories using notions in literature, engineering, and sciences as modules of a literaro-engineering project.