ISBN 9780639809526
Pages 50
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Published 2019
Publisher Bhiyoza Publishers , South Africa
Format Paperback

Imvelaphi Yobuntu

by Menzi Thango

This book introduces the readers to a number of essays which speaks to various themes. The themes found in this book touch on the issues of Black people, particularly the youth. Among others are the issues of the origins of Ubuntu in Africa, issues of traditional leadership during the democratic era, issues of education and the challenges faced by many young people when they arrive at the institutions of higher learning. The author chose this title ‘Imvelaphi Yobuntu’ (Origins of Ubuntu) in order to elaborate that we as Africans, we have our own roots and our ways of living and surviving. We can look back and see how our forefathers survived in their times and try to figure out how we can incorporate some of their ways into our times. The author also shares some of his life experiences including advices, opinions and guidance to the readers.

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About the Author

Menzi Thango

Menzi Thango is a writer and author of isiZulu poetry 

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