ISBN 9781920655853
Pages 242
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2014
Publisher Mapungubwe Institute (MISTRA), South Africa
Format Paperback

Nation Formation and Social Cohesion

An Enquiry into the Hopes and Aspirations of South Africans


Nation Formation and Social Cohesion is the publication of a MISTRA research project that set out to examine different interpretations and meanings that diverse social actors attach to the calls and prospects for nation formation and social cohesion. The publication links theories of nation formation and social cohesion to actual practices, both focused on the attainment of a just society founded on the irreducible equality of all its members on the one hand, and the factors militating against achieving this, on the other. Ethnographic research in four provinces provides the substance or practice to the theoretical framing of the discourse. The study proceeds by interrogating the theoretical suppositions of nation formation and social cohesion and this serves as a starting point for a thorough reflection on these two processes. Thus a synthesis, and not a conceptual position is arrived at, where the interdependence of nation formation and social cohesion, specifically for postcolonial societies, (and South Africa in particular) can be interrogated effectively and critically.

This publication, with contributors Andries Oliphant, Yacoob Abba Omar, Joel Netshitenzhe, Leslie Dikeni, Shepi Mati, Vincent Williams, Robert Gallagher and Feizel Mamdoo, is intended to add to the debate and stimulate new thinking around the diffcult processes that are being sought to build a nation in the 21st century.

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The Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA) was founded by a group of South Africans with experience in research, academia, policy-making and governance who saw the need to create a platform of engagement around strategic issues facing South Africa. It is an Institute that combines research and academic development, strategic reflection and intellectual discourse. It applies itself to issues such as economics, sociology, history, arts and culture and the logics of natural sciences.

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